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Eurotech is the channel partner for Turbotech Energy, USA for providing solutions to Customers. Turbotech provides energy conservation and waste heat recovery solutions through innovative products.
Turbotech Energy is a Global Organization with Principal Focus On:        
Total Energy Management Solutions that Include:
   1. Energy Assessment & Design for Energy
   2. Energy Generation Solutions
   3. Energy Efficiency Improvement Solutions
   4. Energy Engineering & Management Services
Turbotech Energy offers solutions from 5kW to 5500 kW
Other benefits through use of Turbotech products- Green Energy Benefits (RENEWABLE Energy Credits) and advantages in PAT

Energy Generation Solutions are Offered Under Three Major Verticals
Energy Generation Solution #1 - CoGeneration:


Both Process Steam and Electricity are COGENERATED in place of Process steam generation alone. 5 MWH (5000 Electrical Units) are Generated Every Hour Due to Increased Energy Efficiency of the Offered Solution
Benefits Achieved through CoGeneration:

Technical Benefits:

   1. Increased Plant Operating Efficiency (85%)
   2. Increased Plant Life (>15 Years)

Commercial Benefits:

   Reduction in Overall Fuel & Electricity Costs (By 20% and Above)

Energy Generation Solution #2 – Turbo Expanders

Turbo Expanders Operating on Organic Rankine Cycle:

Application Area:

   To Recover Waste Heat from Industrial Processes and
   Convert it to Useful Electrical Power

Source of Heat Shall be:

Exhaust Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery from

   1. Engines Using Natural Gas, Bio Gas, Syn Gas & Diesel As Fuel
   2. Industrial Processes (Glass/Cement/Steel/Oil/Chemical/Paper)
   3. Geo Thermal Energy
   4. Solar Thermal Energy)
   5. Bio Gas/Bio Mass


Benefits through Turbo Expanders:

Technical Benefits:

   1. 7.5% Additional Electrical Power Exported to the Grid
   2. Waste Heat Otherwise Unutilized is recovered. One of its Kind Unique Solution…

Commercial Benefits:

   1. Reduction in Electricity Costs (7.5% and Above)
   2. Green Energy Benefits (RENEWABLE Energy Credits)*

Electricity Generated through TURBO EXPANDERS is Equivalent to GENERATION of Electricity from RENEWABLE Energy Source and hence are Eligible for RENEWABLE Energy Credits
Energy Generation Solution #3 – Micro Gas Turbine Generators

Micro Gas Turbine Generators for Remote Area Applications:

Application Area:

   At Remote Oil Fields In Place of Electrical Power Supply through Diesel Generators or Long Distance Composite Electrical Cables

Suitable for Any Gas Fuel of the Following Specification:
         Inlet Pressure:Min 100mmwc to 1 PSIG, Max at 140 PSIG
         Inlet Temperature:Min 1 Deg C to Max 75 Deg C
         Inlet Gas CV:Min 325 WI Btu/ft3 to Max 1900 WI Btu/ft3
         Site Ambience-23 Deg C to 46 Deg C

Turbotech Energy, USA – RENEWABLE Energy Solutions

RENEWABLE Energy Solutions are Offered under the Following Verticals


Concentrated Solar Power Plant Solution#1

3 MW CSP Plant Commissioned and operating since 2011

RENEWABLE Energy Solution #2 – MSW Incineration Based

3 MW STG for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste Incineration) Plant:

Equipment Commissioned & Operating Since: Year 2013

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