What We Do?


Our range of products and services revolve exclusive in the field of critical engineering and In-situ/On-site repair. We specialize in providing machining solutions on-site and on machine which are ideally suited for situations where it is difficult or sometimes impossible for the job to be moved to the machine shop.

Portable Milling Machine

Our Portable Milling machines are designed and manufactured for rugged on-site machining operations with high accuracy. 3-axis Milling machines and 2-axis milling machines with the versatile capability to suit the most exacting operating conditions.

The machine is modular and extendable as a result, the machine can be set up and used in areas with restricted access.

Customized configuration of the machine helps customers to choose machines suitable for their requirements and application.

  • Power feed for the X and Y axis with digital power controller results in efficient milling operation and consistent fine surface finish.
  • The Machines can be modular and extendable, so can be modified and used according to available space constraints.
  • The use of pneumatic and hydraulic drives for the milling head results in high spindle torque for milling at the same time keeping the weight at the operating point to a minimum.
  • A combination of high-powered hydraulic drives and heavy-duty spindles helps in the rapid milling of surfaces.
  • The machine can be made to specific requirements with additional provisions like tilting facility to required angle, grinding head, drilling attachment, etc

Types of portable milling machines:

1. Linear milling machine

Linear Milling Machines have one longitudinal guideway with a cross slide of limited stroke and tool feed on Z-axis

Longitudinal Stroke length - 500mm to 3000mm

Cross Slide stroke length - 200mm

Z-axis tool feed - 150mm

2. Gantry type milling machine

Gantry-type milling machines have two guideways for longitudinal travel and a crossway between the two longitudinal guideways on which the milling head moves during operation. Travel along the X, Y, Z axis can be configured to specific requirements.

Machines can be made according to customer requirements from 1000mmX500mm to 20000mmX6000mm

Options of power feed and Servo controls for X, Y, and Z- axes are available.

  • Gear box mounting bases
  • Weapon & missile mounting base machining
  • Sonar dome seat machining
  • Pump and compressor mounting bases
  • Any large flat surfaces requiring machining

In-Situ Crankshaft Grinding Machine

In-situ Crankshaft Grinding machine offers an ideal solution for the repair of a damaged crankpin or main journal of a diesel engine without dismantling the crankshaft or other major components of the engine.

The machine has been developed after extensive field applications and research, to make it a practical and user-friendly tool that provides excellent results in achieving OEM specifications. The Machine can be adapted to other applications like mid-shaft machining and journal grinding of shafts in Process Industries. Training is an integrated package of this product. The machine has proved its worth in several different applications ranging from onboard moving vessels to land-based engines and shafts in Process Industry.
  • Our grinding technology and tools are not only user-friendly but also are capable of grinding the crank shaft to close dimensional and geometric tolerance.
  • Our grinding tools are portable and can be easily carried by technicians to the site whether it is a remote power plant or a ship stranded in mid-sea.
  • In addition to the grinding tool, machining attachment can also be used for machining of crankshaft according to situation and requirement. In cases where the material removal is high, a machining attachment can be used to bring down the repair time.
  • Training form an integral part of the Product. Training for on-site removal of bend in the crankshaft and the use of Non-destructive testing equipment in the inspection of Crankshaft is provided.
The machine itself consists of a set of fixtures to cover diameter from 150mm to 600mm crankpins with all necessary tools and accessories.
Testing Devices for NDT inspection of Crankshaft and Extensive training in use of Machine and testing equipments.
The In-situ crankshaft grinding machine's primary application is the repair of Crankshaft by grinding of crankpin and main journal of a Diesel Engine. Land-based engine as in Diesel Power Plants& Pumping stations or in Sea going vessels.

But the machine can also be used for grinding and re-machining of other cylindrical surfaces as in

  1. Fan shafts of Cement plants
  2. Turbine rotors
  3. Roller Journals
  4. Thrust faces of shafts
And it can be adapted for many more applications.

Line Boring Machine

The line boring machine developed by Eurotech is capable of achieving a high degree of accuracy and at the same time, it is easy to use over a wide range.

The machine is portable and is ideally suited for use onboard ships or in engine installation sites or even in processing plants where boring is required to be done In-Situ.

The line boring machine has been put to test at actual operation on several occasions and it has been proved time and again that boring to a close dimensional tolerance is easily achieved with this machine.
  • The hydraulic motor and power pack gives smooth drive power with high torque over a wide range of speed. This is ideal requirement for difficult cutting conditions where the hardness of the material or condition of damage makes it impossible to set a high speed. The even power given throughout the operation by the hydraulic power pack helps in getting a very fine surface finish.
  • More importantly at the point of drive, that is at the driven end of the boring spindle, the weight is very less when compared to direct electric drive. As the power pack is provided with heat exchanger it can be continuously run for longer periods.
  • The different type and range of fixture provided with the machine helps in setting up the machine according to site requirements.  Even an intentional offset can be made to the centerline as per the requirement of situation and application. In case of boring operation where alignment of bore are not under close tolerance a simple centering fixture can be used.
  • The Feed unit and tool holder of the machine are unique and helps in achieving close control of operation, accuracy and surface finish.
  • The feed unit for the line-boring machine is a special type, which can be used for manual feed as well as auto-feed. The feed unit is capable of giving very fine feeds which help in attaining very fine surface finish. Another important feature of the feed unit is that the feed length is not restricted with the feed unit length.
Feed unit: the feed unit is capable of giving fine feeds which help in attaining a very fine surface finish.

Fixtures: can be easily handled and centered thereby keeping assembly time to a minimum. Special fixtures according to requirement can be provided.

Model: LBM 70-150 these machines are ideally suited for use on equipment like earth movers or even in processing plants where boring is required to be done  in-situ boring diameter range:70mm to 150mm

  1. Boring Range   : 70mm to 150mm
  2. Boring Spindle Diameter   : 50mm
  3. Drive for Boring Spindle   : Hydro drive
  4. Drive for Feed   : Power feed unit. 90W,
  5. Boring Spindle Speed   : 20 rpm to 120 rpm
  6. Feed rate   : variable
  7. Input Electrical Connection   : 3Phase, 415 V, 50Hz
Model: LB 40-80 the machine is portable and ideally suited for heavy duty application in the engine block, marine applications & process plants boring diameter range: 150mm to 800mm

  1. Boring Range (Diameter)   : 150mm to 800mm
  2. Boring Spindle Diameter   : 40mm, 50mm & 80mm
  3. Drive  for Boring Spindle   : Hydro drive
  4. Drive for Feed   : AC drive. 90W
  5. Boring Spindle Speed   : 10 rpm to 170 rpm variable
  6. Feed rate   : Variable -0.07mm/rev to 0.8mm/rev
  7. Input Electrical Connection   : 3 Phase, 415V, 50 Hz 
 Optional  accessories:

  1. Facing attachment
  2. Special fixtures as per required specification
  3. Power feed for LB 70-150
The Drives are customizable according to customer requirements.
Line boring machines primary application is for boring of two or more bores in a straight line. To maintain the concentricity of the bores and accuracy of the bore dimension.

The machine can be used for the repair of a damaged bore or in machining a new bore during the erection of machines or structures.

Typical applications include

  • Re-machining of damaged main bearing housing in diesel engines, camshaft bearing housings
  • Repair and re-machining of  bearing housings in Vertical Raw mills
  • Repair and re-machining of bearing housings of rollers in steel, sugar, paper plants
  • Ship repair and ship building
  • Backhoes, Loaders, End Loaders, etc

Flange Facing Machine

The Flange facers are designed and manufactured for excellent performance and easy operation and setup. High degree of accuracy, variable feed rate, option of Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ electrical drives makes these machine suitable for difficult conditions in Oil, Petro-Chemical and other process Industry.

Eurotech's range of flange facing machines includes both internally and externally mounted rugged machines capable of handling the toughest working conditions.

    • Suitable to handle most flange machining requirements -

    Raised Face Flanges

    RTJ Flanges

    O-Ring Groves

    Tube Shell Flanges


    Gun Mountings

    Pipe & Steam Flanges

    Chamfers and weld preparations

    Phonographic- Serrated finishes

    • High stability & efficient cutting gives perfect machining precision.
    • Suitable for versatile applications covering a wide range.


    Facing range(mm)

    Mounting type


    FM 5-30




    FM 10-30




    FM 20-50




    FM 30-75




    FM 60-120




    FM 100-210




    FM 160-300




    FM 250-400




    FM 400-600




    • Heat Exchanger Flanges
    • Pipeline Flanges
    • Gun/Weapon Turret Seating
    • Tuyere Flanges
    • Thrust housings
    • Labyrinth seal seating surface

    Liner Honing Machine

    A choice of pneumatically or electrically driven machine for deglazing & honing of cylinder is a rig type machine suitable for workshop operation.

    Ideally suited for deglazing as well as Plateau honing operations. With automatic stroke control and pneumatic assisted honing heads the operation of the machine is easy for the operators. Removal of scuff marks, glazed surface, ovality and restoring the recommended hatch pattern is important for increasing the service life of Cylinder liners. LHM FP600 and LHM EP600 are very efficient in performing the required functions and maintaining the parameters as required.

    • Pneumatic assisted honing head for quick and efficient restoration of liner surface and circularity of liner bore.
    • Honing stone pressure adjustable from control panel.
    • Automatic stroke control reduces operator fatigue and man power requirement.
    • Adjustable Drive speed helps in controlling hatch angle.
    • Simple maintenance and long service life.
    Total Stroke Length1500 mm
    Honing Diameter200 to 600 mm
    Stroke DrivePneumatic/ Electric motor
    Drive motorPneumatic/Electric motor
    Operation & ControlFully Pneumaticor Electro-Pneumatic
    Honing Stone Size25*25*200/13*13*150 mm
    Machine Column Distance1000 mm
    Operating Pressure6 Bar
    Honing Head Cylinder Pressure0 to 6 Bar
    Flow85 CFM /  Less than 5 CFM for Electro-Pneumatic
    Honing Head Speed5 to 40 rpm
    Machine Length1550 mm
    Machine Width1280 mm
    Machine Height4200 mm
    Machine Weight350 Kgs
    The primary application is for Deglazing and Honing of Cylinder Liners of medium speed Engines between Liner diameter 200mm to 600mm. It can also be adapted to hone other similar Liners and Machine components with similar requirements.

    Valve Angle Grinding Machine

    Valve Angle Grinding Machine - Model: VAGM-2A Features

    Hi-Precision Grinding machine for 4-stroke, Low and Medium speed engine valves. It is  Electrically operated with Vernier Precision
    • Compact and Sturdy, High Precision grinding machine for 4-Stroke, Low & Medium speed Engine valves.
    • Electrically operated workshop model. 
    • Versatile and easy to use. 
    • Frictionless guide ways and precision feed. 
    • Preset grinding angles for Common Angles. 
    • Easily Adjustable stroke length for automatic stroke. 
    • Self-centering double collet chucking for efficient support during grinding of valves. 
    • Automated power traverses with easily adjustable stroke. 
    • Vernier Precision & Fine Adjustments. 
    • Easy and accurate grinding wheel dressing.
    Valve Stem Diameter12 to 24 / 24 to 34mm
    Max. Valve head diameter:200mm
    Valve Angle range15o to 60o
    Grinding Spindle Speed2800 rpm
    Grinder550W, 3Phase, 440V
    Work head Motor180W, 3Phase, 440V
    Auto Feed motor25W, 1 Phase, 220V
    Length1150 mm
    Width650 mm
    Height900 mm
    Weight235 kgs (Approx.)
    For Grinding and refacing of Seating surfaces of Engine valves - both inlet and exhaust valve with stem diameter between 12 to 34mm and Valve head size between 75mm to 200mm.

    Valve and Seat Machining & Grinding Machine

    A Vertical type precision Valve and Valve seat re-facing machine for 2 stroke & 4 stroke engines. It is capable of carrying out machining and grinding operation in a single setting.

    It is a heavy duty machine that is capable of re-facing Valve and Valve seat directly after re-building.
    • Auto feed for grinding and machining head helps in obtaining a good surface finish and saves time.
    • Self-centering of Valves, easy and accurate angle setting helps in saving time and manpower.
    • Variable speed and feed for obtaining fine surface finish for different material conditions.
    • Provided with Preset Dowel locks for standard angles (0o, 20o, 30o, 45o, 60o & 90o)
    • Additional or alternate angle settings can be provided as per the customer's request.

    Valve stem diameter

    30 to 98mm

    Angle range

    0o to 90o

    Work spindle speed

    0 to 88rpm variable

    Grinding spindle speed


    Grinding & Machining speed

    Auto & Variable rate

    Minimum depth of cut


    Power supply

    1.75 KW, 3 phase, 440V

    Machine Dimensions








    650kgs (Aprox.)

    The Machine is primarily meant for machining and grinding of larger size Valves and seats.

    Valve Seat Grinding Machine

    It is a portable grinding machine for grinding and re-facing of valve seats, equipped with powerful and efficient pneumatic motor.

    The fine auto-feed mechanism ensures good surface finish of valve seats. Lightweight and sturdy construction enables ease of use and good grinding finish.
    • Portable and operator-friendly machine.
    • Pneumatically operated with air cooled grinding operation.
    • Automatic feed across seat surface with easy and accurate angle setting.
    • Trucited guide ways to avoid friction and wear.
    • Self centering and can be easily adapted to various models of cylinder head and valve cage.
    • Preset dowl for 0o,20o,30o,45o,60o,90o,angles.



    Angular accuracy

    0.5 minutes

    Surface finish


    Operating  pressure

    6 kg/cm.sq

    Valve seat range

    40 to 250mm

    Angle range

    0 to 60o

    Machine speed                


    Grinder speed  


    Weight (basic machine)


    The Seat grinding machine SGM is primarily meant for grinding of valve seats of medium speed diesel engines with seat diameters between 40mm to 250mm. The machine can also be modified for over-sizing of valve seat pockets upon customer request.

    Liner Landing Area Grinding Machine

    It is a Portable grinding machine for refacing of seating areas in Cylinder Liners and Liner seating areas in Engine Block. It can also be suitable modified with fixtures for grinding of Cylinders heads seating area. The Diameter range of each model of machine is as specified in Specifications Tab.
    • It can also be used for plunging type operation according to requirement and application. The method of grinding can be changed from Auto-feed type to plunging type just through the disengagement of a clutch.
    • The machine is provided with Auto-Balancing mechanism for balanced, even movement of grinder even when grinding on inclined areas.
    • The fine in-feed and even cross feed of the machine gives excellent surface finish and flatness to the ground seating area.

    Spec Model




    Working Diameter Range (mm)

    300 - 500

    500 - 800

    800 - 1100

    Machine Speed (RPM)




    Grinding Wheel Speed(RPM)




    Feed Rate (mm/rev)




    Grinding Wheel Size(mm)




    Minimum Depth of Cut (mm)




    Air Consumption (m3/min)




    Surface Finish ?Ra





    • Ideal machine for grinding lower seating areas of liners and liner landing area of engine blocks.
    • Pneumatically operated, portable, powerful machine easy to set, fix and control.
    • The machines can be used for Auto-Feeding type grinding operation for efficient and correct grinding results.

    Roto Lapping Machine

    Models: RLM 300, RLM 450, RLM 600 , RLM 800

    Rotary table lapping machine with versatile capability, Suitable for lapping of injector body, barrel, head piece,  etc, so that a perfect sealing surface is achieved at the metal to metal seating area. It has been proved at numerous customer locations that the machine saves several hours of time and at the same time achieves good mating surface for components.

    • Roto lapping machine with versatile capability.
    • Suitable for lapping injector body, barrel, head piece etc.
    • Achieves flat surface for perfect face to face contact.
    • Capable of lapping multiple pieces at a time.
    • Timer controlled operations.
    • Ideal machine for production and maintenance applications.
    • User friendly. Substantially saves time and labour.
    • Conditioning rings can be customized.
    • Adaptable for lapping components like clutch plates and mechanical seals also.

    Spec model

    RLM 300

    RLM 450

    RLM 600

    RLM 800

    Lap plate size(mm)





    Cond.ring inner Dia(mm)





    No.of cond.ring





    lap plate speed





    Drive motor





    Machine timer(min)





    Max. permisible lode(kgs)

    10 X 3

    15 X 3

    25 X 3

    30 X 3

    Machine weight(kgs)





    Ideally suited to replace manual operation where Engine components like injector bodies, head piece, nozzle butting faces are lapped to get a perfect sealing surface with metal to metal contact.

    The Machine can also be adapted to other such applications.

    Nozzle Lapping Machine

    Model: NZL

    For Lapping of Nozzle pins in Nozzle bodies of Diesel Engine during routine maintenance & overhaul.
    • Electrically operated. Adaptable for various types of nozzle pins.
    • Automatic forward reverse motion
    • Avoids formation of droplets
    • Simple and robust  machine
    • Operator friendly machine with easily accessible controls.
    • Automatic forward and reverse motion with individual timing adjustments.
    • Helps in making fuel injection more efficient by avoiding formation of droplets.
    Nozzle pin holding diameter range : 2mm to 12mm
    Spindle motor         : 180w, 3 phase, 440v
    Speed                 : 1440 rpm

    Machine dimensions

    Length : 400mm
    Width : 270mm
    Height : 320mm
    Weight : 35 kg
    For Lapping of Nozzle pins in Nozzle bodies of Diesel Engine during routine maintenance & overhaul.

    Slow and medium speed Diesel Engines.

    Gate Valve Lapping Machine

    MODELS: GLM 300, GLM 600, GLM 1200

    Gate valve lapping machine is designed for portable uses for repairing gate valve seats In-situ. It helps in repairing leaks in gate valves avoiding long downtimes and production losses.
    • Adjustable sturdy rocker for holding machine arm, adjusting submerging depth, lateral alignment.
    • GVLM for a general overhaul of sealing surfaces on gate valves and "In Situ" correction of sealing surface angle up to 10o.
    • Lapping Disk having self-aligning coupling.
    • Option for pneumatic or electrical drive based on customer requirements.
    • Reduces reconditioning time substantially.





    Working range(mm)




    Submerging Depth




    Machine Speed(rpm)








    Machine Weight(kgs)




    Gate Valves used in,

    • Sugar Mills
    • Chemical Industry
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Fertilizer Plants
    • Ships & Shipyards
    • Petrochemicals Plants
    • Paper & Pulp Mills
    • Refineries
    • Pharma Industry

    Pipe Bevelling Machine

    Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine for end preparation of pipes by forming bevel angle at the edge of pipe to facilitated weld joints. Our range of machine are ideally suited for Pipe bevelling during onsite operations.
    • Pipe beveling machine is designed for portable uses in quick and accurate weld preparation on pipes and tubes.
    • It can be used efficiently by a single operator. Aluminum body construction with light weight helps in convenient use of machine on-site.
    • Self - centered expandable mandrels provide quick and proper alignment to a pipe for machining process.
    • With adjustable beveling angle, Swivels up to 45o angle.
    • Beveling machine are pneumatically operated with auto feed mechanisms.
    • Helps in avoiding hand grinding and gas cutting for weld joint preparation.

    Spec /model






    Type of mounting






    Beveling Angle






    Machine Speed (rpm)












    Pipe Diameter(mm)

    19 to 75

    75 to 150

    100 to 400

    400 to 600

    600 to 1200

    Machine Weight(Kgs)






    During the installation, maintenance, or expansion of pipelines in industries the Pipe bevelling machine is a great asset to ensure timely completion of projects or maintenances within schedule. The applicable industries include

    • Sugar Mills
    • Chemical Industry
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Fertilizer Plants
    • Ships & Shipyards
    • Petrochemicals Plants
    • Paper & Pulp Mills
    • Refineries
    • Pharma Industry
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