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    In-Situ Crankshaft Grinding Machine - Product Features

  • Our grinding technology and tools are not only user friendly but also are capable of grinding the crank shaft to close dimensional and geometric tolerance.

  • Our grinding tools are portable and can be easily carried by technicians to the site whether it is a remote power plant or a ship stranded in mid sea.

  • In addition to grinding tool, machining attachment can also be used for machining of crank shaft according to situation and requirement. In cases where the material removal is high a machining attachment can be used to bring down the repair time.

  • We provide with an easy online software containing database of various make and models of engines with details like crank pin diameter, width, fillet radius etc.,

  • Along with the tools that are to be used for different type of crank pin via EAC. The Eurotech Access card (EAC) is a smart card issued by Eurotech as standard identification for customers to access the crank soft data via secure web portal

  • Training form an integral part of the Product. Training for on-site removal of bend in crankshaft and the use of Non-destructive testing equipment in inspection of Crankshaft is provided.


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