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    Line Boring machine - Product Features

  • The hydraulic motor and power pack gives smooth drive power with high torque over a wide range of speed. This is ideal requirement for difficult cutting conditions where the hardness of the material or condition of damage makes it impossible to set a high speed. The even power given throughout the operation by hydraulic power pack helps in getting a very fine surface finish.

  •  More importantly at the point of drive, that is at the driven end of the boring spindle, the weight is very less when compared to direct electric drive. As the power pack is provided with heat exchanger it can be continuously run for longer periods.

  • The different type and range of fixture provided with the machine helps in setting up the machine according to site requirements.  Even an intentional offset can be made to the centerline as per the requirement of situation and application. In case of boring operation where alignment of bore are not under close tolerance a simple centering fixture can be used.

  • The Feed unit and tool holder of the machine are unique and helps in achieving close control of operation, accuracy and surface finish.

  •  The feed unit for the line-boring machine is a special type, which can be used for manual feed as well as auto-feed. The feed unit is capable of giving very fine feeds which help in attaining very fine surface finish. Another important feature of the feed unit is that the feed length is not restricted with the feed unit length.


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