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    Line Boring machine - Specifications

Feed unit: the feed unit is capable of giving fine feeds which help in attaining very fine surface finish.

Fixtures: can be easily handled and centered thereby keeping assembly time to minimum. Special fixtures according to requirement can be provided.

Model: LBM 70-150 these machines are ideally suited for use on equipment like earth movers or even in processing plants where boring is required to be done  in-situ boring diameter range :70mm to 150mm

  1. Boring Range                                     : 70mm to 150mm
  2. Boring Spindle Diameter                : 50mm
  3. Drive for Boring Spindle                 : Hydro drive
  4. Drive for Feed                                    : Power feed unit. 90W,
  5. Boring Spindle Speed                      : 20 rpm to 120 rpm
  6. Feed rate                                            : variable
  7. Input Electrical Connection            : 3Phase, 415 V, 50Hz


Model: LB 40-80 the machine is portable and ideally suited for heavy duty application in engine block, marine applications & process plants boring diameter range: 150mm to 800mm

  1. Boring Range            (Diameter)     : 150mm to 800mm
  2. Boring Spindle Diameter                : 40mm, 50mm & 80mm
  3. Drive  for Boring Spindle                : Hydro drive
  4. Drive for Feed                                    : AC drive. 90W
  5. Boring Spindle Speed                      : 10 rpm to 170 rpm variable
  6. Feed rate                                            : Variable -0.07mm/rev to 0.8mm/rev
  7. Input Electrical Connection            : 3 Phase, 415V, 50 Hz


 Optional  accessories:

1. Facing attachment

2. Special fixtures as per required specification

3. Power feed for LB 70-150


 The Drives are customizable according to customer requirement.


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