Silk Processing Machines

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Silk Processing Machines

Our range of products and services revolve exclusive in the field of critical engineering and In-situ/On-site repair. We specialize in providing machining solutions on-site and on machine which are ideally suited for situations where it is difficult or sometimes impossible for the job to be moved to the machine shop.

Re-Reeling Machine

Silk Re-reeling machine is for rewinding the silk yarn from reels reeled by Automatic Reeling machines into grand reels to obtain various specifications.

  • Transparent hood for the compartment with clear visibility.
  • The main transmission adopts FC step-less speed variation of motor.
  • Gears and friction wheels on both sides of the machine drive the grand reel.
  • It has functions of automatic temperature control, display of temperature and rotational speed.
  • It has a humidity carrying on and out the device, with an excellent heat insulation system.

  • Layout: Bilateral, horizontal reel with 40 units/set,5 ends per unit, the unit length is 865mm, and the gauge of ends is 110mm.
  • Grand reel speed: 140-250 r/min
  • Reel width: 70-90mm.
  • Design capacity per unit (20/22D): 147-273g/
  • No. of operators (40 units): 1 person.
  • Motor power: 1.5 kW.
  • Overall dimension (L*W*H): 19000*2000*1550 mm.

Automatic Silk Reeling machine (400 & 200 Ends)

Automatic silk reeling machine is used for reeling bivoltine ne white cocoons, the following denier of the silk 16/18 to 28/32 denier raw silk.

Fabrication of Automatic Silk Reeling Machine of 400 end and 200 end are (Double deck-10 basins/deck) capacity with two mechanical brushing units attached to the machine.

The Automatic silk reeling machine consists of:

    • 20 ends per basin and Appropriate thread passage
    • Tension loaded effective individual reel stop motion, which works in synchronization with reeling buttons and denier detector
    • Tension loaded effective individual reel stop motion, which works in synchronization with reeling buttons and denier detector
    • Denier indicator for continuous detecting the denier and denier correction mechanism by Mechanical casting of cocoons
    • Simultaneous denier adjustment apparatus for performing the function of adjusting the friction between the denier indicator and raw silk in order to meet
    • The targeted average denier whenever there is a change in cocoon filament denier, cooking conditions, reeling speeds etc.,
    • Variable speed drive for maintaining the required reeling speed
    • Planetary gear type threads distribution system
    • Suitable to produce finer and medium denier raw silk.
    • Machine can produce 140 ~ 150 gm of raw silk per end per shift of eight hours depending on denier of raw silk produced.

    Raw materials: length of non-broken Cocoon filament 500m.

    Size: 20/22D (23.3dtex).

    Silk production capacity: 18g/end/hour.

    Weight:     i) For 400 end- 15 Tones (around),

                      ii) For 200 end- 10 tones (around).

    Dimensions (mm): 400ends, 27936 x 3326 x 1816mm.

    Conveyor hot air drier with hot air generator- 2000Kgs & 1000Kgs

    Automatic conveyor hot air drier having the capacity to dry 2000 kgs / 1000 kgs cocoons per day.

    Automatic conveyor hot air drier consists of Hot air generator and Conveyor drying chamber having four bands.

    Conveyor drier provided with speed controller to regulate the drying duration and thermocouples to regulate the temperatures.

    Cocoon Sorting Machine

    The cocoon sorting machine is used to sort the defective cocoons.
    • Used double sides, bamboo type with cocoon sorting belt. 
    • Linear speed for sorting belt: 0.05m/min.
    • Motor power: 1.1 KW
    • Output: 60 kg/h (spring cocoon), 30 kg/h (autumn cocoon) 
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 6200*2590*2150 mm

    Cocoon Deflossing machine (Peeling machine)

    The machine is used for peeling off floss from the cocoon's outer layer.
    • Linear speed of peeling belt: 3.8m/s
    • Motor power: 1.5 KW (1440 rpm)
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 850*700*1250mm
    • Capacity: 40-60 kg/hour
    • Peeling ratio: Approximately 95% for spring cocoons, approximately 91% for summer or autumn cocoons

    Vacuum Permeating Machine

    The vacuum permeating machine is pre-treatment equipment for cooking cocoons; it makes cocoons absorb moisture fully  by  vacuum permeating. The machine is an important complete set for cocoon cooking machines with uniform permeating, full absorption, low sericin dissolution, low dropping ends and low thread fault.
    • The capacity of vacuum barrel: 20kg dry per time (spring cocoon 16kg per time - summer or autumn cocoon)
    • Inner diameter of vacuum barrel: 950 mm 
    • Power of two vacuum pumps: 5.5 KW, 3.0 KW 
    • Speed of vacuum pump: 70 l/s
    • Every treatment time: 3-10 min.
    • Volume of steam and water separator: 0.3 m3 
    • Control model of water level: Ball valve

    Conveyor Cocoon Cooking Machine

    The conveyor cooking machine consisting of 80 / 40 cages capacity shall consist of eight zones and each zone is maintained at specific temperature profiles.
    Stainless steel cocoon cooking machine is cooking equipment suitable for automatic silk reeling machine. Cocoons are permeated outside and cooked inside the machine.
    • No. of cages: 80 / 40
    • Model of cages: Twin cages 
    • Width: in internal 
    • Slot: 640mm
    • Drive mechanism: Double-chain back and forth transmission with reduction gear
    • Motor power: 1.1Kw step less variable drive 
    • Capacity of cooked cocoon: 34 - 80 (dry cocoons) Kg/hour 

    Reeled Silk Humidifier

    It is used for reel humidifying raw silk under vacuum condition to ensure silk in even humidifying, low breakage, high re-reeling capacity and good silk shape.
    • Model: 12 strings
    • Drum holding capacity: 120 reels/12strings
    • Model of reel feed: string feed separately
    • Drum inner diameter: 1200mm for 12 strings
    • Drum depth: 1400mm
    • Liquid level: 1200mm
    • Control model of liquid level: automatic control
    • Drum cover opening mechanism: screw mechanism
    • Reel distribution: Outside 8 strings inside 4 strings
    • Overall dimension: high 5150mm diameter 1600mm
    • Weight: 750kg
    • Motor Power: 4.75kw

    Bale Press

    Bale Press for silk yarn is a specialized equipment for the silk reeling industry, it packs the long skeins with regular No. and in good order under the press.
    • Motor power:3Kw
    • Speed: 1440rpm
    • Lifting and falling motion: screw rod T40x8
    • Box structure: Inner width: 130mm
    • Inner length: 656mm
    • Height before pressure: 240+/- 2mm
    • Height after pressure (with load): 115+/-1mm 
    • Opening the cover: manual
    • Capacity: 4 bundles/hour (5.00 kg bundles)

    Skein Winder

    It is used for winding the skein before baling.

    Sheet Making And Pupae Separation Machine

    The production capacity of the machine is 30 - 50 sheets/8hour and each sheet weight shall be 900g to 1kg.

    The sheet making machine is for producing silk sheet from the pelade layers of the reeled out cocoons and separate the pelade waste.

    The machine consists of SS drum of 83" circumference (26.5" diameter) and length of 31". The surface of the drum enables the picking up of the silk filaments from the pelade layer cocoons.
    Drive - Electric Motor 4Kw, 1440 rpm, 50Hz, 3 Phase

    The chemical is sprayed through the water jet having 1' diameter pipe with perforations through chemical treated water tank placed at a height of 15' with suitable arrangements on the roof having 200 liters capacity.

    Hydro Extractor

    It is used for removing water from by-products (such as silk waste, pelade waste, pupa un-reelable cocoons and soon).
    • Diameter of inner: 600mm 
    • Height of inner: 300mm 
    • Speed of inner: 960r/min. Motorpower:2.2Kw 
    • Capacity: 45kg / 10Kg
    • Overall dimension (L*W*H): 1250*1250*700 mm Weight: 450 kg

    Reel Carrier

    It is used for carrying the reels with full skein to vacuum reeled silk humidifier.
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