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1. What is In-situ Machining?

In-situ machining is the machining process carried out at the site (Customer’s Place),without entirely dismantling the machine.Some machine parts require machining due to wear and tear in usage and may need to be restored. Some machine parts may require machining after initial fabrication for installation to maintain alignment and trueness to reference.


2. Where it can be applied?

In-situ machining is advantageous in applications where the part to be machined is difficult or some time impossible to dismantle. Also, where the dismantling of the part to be machined involve time consuming and tedious disassembly and assembly process.
        a. A damaged Crankpin or main journal of a crankshaft need to be ground to restore its bearing surface. If crankshaft needs to be taken to a workshop, it involves dismantling the entire engine including engine block, cylinder head, pistons, liners, pipelines, etc. And after repair all the components has to be assembled back with proper alignment and precautions. The safe transportation of Crankshaft to and back from the workshop is also to be considered. The entire process consumes a lot of valuable time and money.
           In In-situ machining the entire process is simplified and only the damaged Crankpin or Main journal need to be accessed. The Grinding process can be carried out without disturbing other subassemblies. The rectification work can be carried out at a minute fraction of the cost and time involved in conventional way.
        b. Consider the case of a Rocker arm bearing housing on a Vertical Raw Mill or the Gearbox foundation of a mill/ turbine. Either of these cannot be moved to a workshop for machining. In these cases In-situ machining is the only option to repair/rehabilitate or to maintain trueness and alignment by machining at the site of installation.


3. Which are the Industries that need In-situ machining services?

Process Industriesand Power plants wheremachines and components are huge in size and weight.Industries where cost of downtime is high. Machinery where disassembly and assembly is complex and costly.
Cement, Steel, Power, Marine, Petro-Chemical industry etc..will need this In-situ machining services.


4. What are the operations can be performed through this in situ machining?

Through In-situ machining we can perform following operations.
a.In-situ Milling
b. In-situ Flange Facing
c. In-situ Crank shaft and Mid shaft Machining and Grinding
d. In-situ Line Boring, Taper boring
e. In situ Honing
f. Metal Stitching of cracked cast-iron casings and blocks
g. Tapping, Drilling, Thread cutting, Grinding In short any type of machining, grinding, honing operations that required to be performed onsite and on-machine.


5. What are the other services do Eurotech offer?

Apart from In-situ machining we offer, services involving analysis, diagnosis and preventive maintenance ofhigh value gear boxes through hardware and software, which is coming under ‘Critical Gearbox Care Center”.
We also design, develop, manufacture and supply Tailor made special purpose machines forcustomer requirement.


6. What are the machines in Cement Industry need In-situ machining?

Especially machines in large size and having more wear & tear due to load applied during operation need this machining; some of the critical machines are Vertical Roller Mills-Cement Mill, Raw Mill, Coal & Coke Mill, Clinker & Slag Mill, Ball mills, Rocker Arms, etc…


7. Do you have any measurement and alignment system for these machining?

Yes we have the sophisticated and compact ‘Faro’ Laser Tracker which we can measure the co-ordinates of different parameters and can analysis the machining dimensions and stock very accurately and easily.


8. How do we reach you?

You can reach us very well through our mail id or or rv@eurotechsystems.netwith your specific requirement in detail related to our service.


9. Whether Eurotech Global Solution is Indian company or internationally collaborated one?

We are an India based company rendering our services to domestic as well as overseas customers.

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